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Creative Writing #1:-:”Art Really LITERALLY IS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!”

November 04, 2019

"Art, what is art? You may ask, art is what keeps us humans & our many different kinds of traditions & cultures balanced. Because art is basically the idea & or concept of being creative, using your imagination, & basically creating just about anything & everything really. If there was no such thing as having the ability to create anything in general, we would NOT have been capable of being & getting to where we are these days & right now. Like technology, inventing is a type of art where you are basically creating, making, & building machines, games, devices, & or even appliances. Without the concept of basic art or what art basically is we would NOT have technology, inventing, engineering, baking, cooking, teaching, building, sewing, singing, dancing, photographing, writing, & so many more." 

Written by Michelle Lynne Ben-Shalom who is born with Mild to Moderate Autism, who's an artist, the owner of, email her at, text her at 682-305-0431, & who is also a creative writer.