My name is Michelle Lynne Ben-Shalom, I am born with Mild to Moderate Autism, I LOVE TO AMAZE & GET ANY OTHER KIND OF REACTION OUT OF ANYBODY & that's what inspired me to become good at art mostly the kinds that are Scientific Art & Technical Dizzy Designs. What I do is 2 types of artwork, the first kind of art I do is something that I came up with myself something that I like to call "Experimental Art" it is where I basically combine art with science by using so much WAAAAY more than just regular plain old normal art supplies by itself, I use other completely different kind of stuff that most people do not have the ability to think of as having anything ANYTHING AT ALL to do with art itself. I use certain & specific types of cleaning chemicals that are not too-too dangerous like I use a whole lot of Windex Window Cleaning Chemical, Rubbing Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Spray Paint, Nail Polish Remover, & so many more. I first started doing this kind of art when I was exactly 12 years old it was during the first early part of my 7th/grade from 2009 to 2010 school year, what really caught my attention & interested me into it was just the fact that #1. I have ALL-WAYS been big into every-single type of science especially chemistry, & #2. I love it how you just NEVER EVER really know what's going to happen next & or what kind of reaction it is that you are going to get, those are specifically types of scientific physical & chemical reactions that you can not get with just regular art slupplies by itself. Now last but not least the second type of art that I do is Geometric Designs on any kind of paper, this is the kind of art of which it has to be COMPLETELY ABSOLUTELY 100% PURELY PERFECT all the way around the whole entire piece of paper itself, it has to be absolutely PURELY PERFECTLY symmetrical NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! I use any kind of geometric tool from any kind of ruler to anything else like a protractor to trace & to draw perfect lines, shapes, curves, & so many more all by hand & I use Sharpie Fine Tipped Permanent Markers to color them all in because they are so much easier to control as far as you know like staying in the lines & everything like that. Plus! I think that it is so cool that Sharpie Permanent Markers leak through to the other side of the paper because then that way you can still see the whole entire design itself on the other side of the paper itself. Weither you BELIEVE IT!! or NOT!! I actually started doing this type of art when I was in the 2nd/grade back in the school year of 2004 to 2005 & what inspired me to become good at this kind of art that is extremely impossibally hard for most people in general to be just as perfect at it as I am at it, but what inspired me is that because of my Autism, I am & I ALL-WAYS have been extremely observant of every-single thing all around me in my life. & so because of that when I was a kid, I ALL-WAYS observed all around me stuff like the stand glass designed windows in churches & stuff like that were always similar to each other not just in colors, but in lines too! & so one day, I thought to myself "I can so WAAAAY BETTER than that" & eventually once I had found out that this kind of art is extremely close to almost being completely impossible for most humans in general that made me even more interested in it because I'm the kind of person that loves to stand out completely from others & to just be different compared to most people in general. & Because of the fact that I/Michelle Lynne Ben-Shalom am an extreme people type of person, I sell my art in the way that unlike our GREEDY-ASS Country I make it so much easier for people to have the ability of buying, purchasing, & to afford my artwork as in I do not care one single bit at all about how much my supplies cost or anything else like that. To where if I meet you as a customer during like any kind of Festival, & or any other art-like selling event like that. If I meet/see you face-to-face & let's just say that you want one of my art pieces really, Really, REALLY badly & all you have with you is anything that's like less than $1.00 or some coins with you, I will & do except any kind of money, cash, or coins that you have with you NO MATTER how much it is exactly, & NO MATTER HOW MUCH LESS than my normal basic & or general price exactly that you might have with you in your wallet, purse, & or pocket at that time even if it is just a single 0.01 cent penny if that's all you have available with you at that time. Because I go by the saying "Even Just A Little Bit Is WAAAY BETTER Than Absolute 100% PURE NOTHING!!!!!" Anyways, the basic, general, & or normal price for my artwork especially online is ONLY $5.00 for each & every-single one of my Canvas pieces & ONLY $1.00 for each & every-single one of my Geometric Pieces. You can ALL-WAYS email me as a customer at michellelbs@yahoo.com, & or you can just text me at 682-305-0431