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Michelle Ben Shalom Artist On YouTube

{"ops":[{"insert":"The Second Seasonal Writing:-:\n\"Summer, Summer, what a bummer!\nSummer, Summer, you are only getting dummer!\nHot, Hot, Hot, MAN! I feel like I’m in a pot\nHot, Hot, Hot, why do you have to fry me into a little tot?\nHeat, Heat, Heat, there’s no way l’d ever eat under you stupid heat!\nHeat, Heat, Heat, instead of frying us, why don’t you go & fry some wheat?\nUV, UV, why must you burn me?\nUV, UV, why don’t you go burn a bee instead of me?\nSwimming Pool, Swimming Pool, you are so cool!\nSwimming Pool, Swimming Pool, without you everything would be so cruel!\nSun, Sun, Sun, you are NEVER EVER fun!\nSun, Sun, Sun, why must you ALL-WAYS ruin the summer fun?\nRays, Rays, Rays, why must ALL-WAYS ruin my day?\nRays, Rays, Rays, it is NEVER EVER okay to fry anything at all AWAY!\nSweat, Sweat, Sweat, you know what? I bet that you sweat need to just cool off your jets!\nSweat, Sweat, Sweat, my pets all hate you because you need to get set for the next bet that’s against you & all of your jets!\nDrought, Drought, Drought, there is ABSOLUTELY NO dought that you’ll ever get out!\nDrought, Drought, Drought, you know what? You really make me want to pout!\nHumidity, Humidity, Humidity, you will NEVER EVER be apart of any kind of committee!\nHumidity, Humidity, Humidity, you gotta be kidding me?!\nLight & Variable Winds, Light & Variable Winds, why can't you be strong enough to blow this tin can to the finish line? So that I will win?\nLight & Variable Winds, Light & Variable Winds, why do you have to be so slow? Going faster would put a what on my face? That’s right a Grind...

Creative Writing #2.